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Sometimes autistic students may show behaviour which challenges. You might not know why?

These behaviours can impact you, your classroom as well as the autistic person.

That’s why an autistic individual must have the right supports.

At this year’s ONLINE Cork Autism ConferenceAutism: Beyond Behaviour, October 11th, 2020, you’ll learn:

✓ Why does challenging behaviour happen?

✓ How to best support your autistic students when they are displaying challenging behaviour.

✓ How to introduce strategies if an autistic individual experiences anxiety or overwhelm.

✓ How to calm an autistic student in the class.

✓ Successful resources to support autistic individuals in your school.

✓ How to understand and communicate with your autistic students.

✓ Techniques which help create balance for emotional regulation.

And much more….

If you feel these tools could help you with your autistic students, join this year’s Cork Autism Conference.

You’ll learn resources and wisdom to support you, your teaching and make a difference with your autistic students!

This training is CPD Accredited for Teachers.

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