The senior school caters for students aged 12-18 years old.  Students in the senior section of the school have the opportunity to engage with QQI (Formerly FETAC)  level 1 and 3 along with the new Junior Certificate level 2 programme.


The senior students can partake in specific elements of the courses available that best suit their specific educational needs and ability.  We endeavour to challenge our students in a way that allows them to reach their full potential but that also allows the student to learn in their own specific way and pace.  In this respect in as much as possible all students have individual learning programmes that give them the security to express their individual needs and talents which in turn offers them individual goals that are both relevant and achievable.  We as a staff endeavour to give the student input into their learning programmes to enable them to realise their own positive attributes, potential, individuality and overall instil independence in order to be best prepared for life after school.
Along with the core curricular subject areas students also participate in

Drama                                     Visual Arts

Cookery                                   I.T. and Computers

Science                                    R.S.E.

Woodwork                              Horticulture

Physical Education                Music



Some examples of the programme content:


Example of Junior Certificate Level 2 Learning Programme:

  • Communication and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Personal Care
  • Living in a community
  • Preparing for work


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Example of Quality and Qualification Ireland –QQI programme level 1


Functional Communication skills

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Listening and speaking



  • Data
  • Numeracy
  • Quantity and Number
  • Shape and space
  • Problem solving


Essential Learning for Modern Living

  • Personal safety
  • Personal Care
  • Food choice and health



Example of Quality and Qualification Ireland –QQI programme level 3

  • Extending Communication skills
  • Number and practical mathematics in everyday life
  • Personal and Interpersonal skills
  • Learning about computers


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