Please see the link below of a quick video showing the 3 stages of Attention Autism. This programme is designed to focus on building joint attention, communication and turn taking. It is used in many of the Junior classes in Scoil Chormaic and is also known as “The Bucket”.

Please check in daily for new videos

Video link 1  – Attention Autism 12/01/2021

Video link 2 –Attention Autism 13/01/2021

Video link 3 – Attention Autism 14/01/2021

Video link 4 –Attention Autism 15/01/2021

Video link 5-Attention Autism 18/01/2021

Video link 6- Attention Autism 19/01/2021

Video link 7-Attention Autism 20/01/2021

Video link 8-Attention Autism 21/01/2021

Video link 9 –Attention Autism 22/01/2021